Silversock for Diabetes

Feet are a high-risk area of the body for diabetic sufferers and care is a high priority.

General examination of diabetic feet should be a daily routine, checking for mild problems that if left unattended could cause much more significant problems. Blisters, dry skin or cracks on the feet should not be overlooked as ultimately they could lead to skin damage and ulceration. With around one in ten diabetic patients suffering a foot ulcer it is important to take extra care of diabetic feet.

Other general principles that should be followed are to wash feet daily, taking special care to dry gently with a towel especially between the toes. Always check the temperature of a bath before putting feet in and avoid other items that could burn like hot water bottles or electric blankets or sitting close to fires. As diabetes can have reduced sensation in the feet it is important to ensure that the shoes and hosiery selected are a comfortable correct fit.

Carnation Silversocks are breathable and constructed using a high percentage of cotton for comfort. The seam of the sock, over the toe area, is manufactured so it is on the outside of the sock to avoid unnecessary friction or pressure that could occur with traditional hosiery. The welt of the sock, that keeps the sock in place around the ankle, is designed to be a soft contact hold so as not to restrict circulation.

As the sock is completely and universally coated with silver it has both excellent thermodynamic and antimicrobial properties keeping feet cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter while inhibiting the growth of bacteria.